The Occupational Therapy Student Alliance (OTSA)

What is OTSA?

OTSA is the Occupational Therapy Student Alliance student-led club, consisting of 1st to 4th year Occupational Therapy students based at SCU Gold Coast.

The objective of OTSA is to provide moral, emotional, social, and academic support to enhance and develop the student experience and professional identity of Bachelor of Occupational Therapy students at SCU.

Annual membership to OTSA is FREE to any student enrolled in the Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (BOT) course who are also CoastRs members. OTSA receives funding from the University each year drawn from student contributions (SSAF), which allows us to subsidise events of interest.

The OTSA Committee (2022) is made up of the following students:

President – Candice Richards (3rd Year)
Vice President of Professional Experience – Tara Fritz (4th Year)
Vice President of Social Engagement – Kasia Barnett (4th Year)
Secretary – Angie Sweet (2nd Year)
Treasurer – Makayla Mutton (1st Year)
General Committee Member – Kate Ranclaud (3rd Year)

Aims of OTSA:

  1. To promote Occupational Therapy within the overall Bachelor of Occupational Therapy cohort, at Southern Cross University, and in the wider community.
  2. To support and mentor fellow Bachelor of Occupational Therapy students through shared experiences, resource sharing, and social and academic events.
  3. To provide networking opportunities with fellow Occupational Therapy students, staff, and industry, as well as other students and Allied Health clubs at SCU.


If you have feedback for the OTSA committee, please contact us via email at

Find our public Facebook page here

Find our closed Facebook group for current & past students here