Printing/ Binding

CoastRs printing is available for all currently enrolled students. As part of the student amenities fee Study Guides and Unit Information Guides will be printed FREE for all external students associated  who are CoastRs members.

For those students outside the 100km radius, CoastRs will also provide postage (once per session). Please note however, that our mail out day is once a week and that is a Friday. Once your parcel has been sent it can sometimes take Australia Post up to 5 – 7 to reach you – don’t worry we track all our parcels so if you would like the tracking number just ask.

Simply email your printing as an attachment in a PDF or Word* format to and include your enrollment details, name, contact details and student number.

    • Please allow maximum of 48 hours for printing (particularly in the first few weeks of term)
    • FREE printing for externals includes Unit Information Guide and Study Guides (black and white only). Binding is in addition.
    • Proof of enrollment required
    • For all discounted printing, students must be a current CoastRs member