Students can get involved in engagement through CoastRs Student Association around campus in a number of ways.

  • Volunteer for the CoastRs Student Association Committee!

Nominations for the committee are approved by students at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year. Please email for more information in regards to this.

  • Start your own club or society

If you have a specific interest which you are passionate about you can start your own club or society as a subsidiary of CoastRs Student Association. If you wish to request funding for these events from the Student Association you can, however, this will be subject to committee approval at the next CoastRs Student Association meeting (which happens once a month).

  • Volunteer at events

Volunteering at events and going to social events hosted by CoastRs Student Association or one of the many clubs, alliances and societies run under the CoastRs umbrella is the easiest way to get involved in campus life.

Like the CoastRs facebook page for regular updates on welfare courses, social events, clubs and activities that are run by the Student Association.