1795639_1641981032684681_6577477725451318145_nThe SCU Chinese Student and Scholar Association (SCUCSSA) extends a cordial invitation to you to join our fellowship and help us maintain the quality of life we enjoy at SCU. The SCUCSSA is a dedicated group of Chinese students and scholars who believe that mutual support is the best way to flourish our community. The SCUCSSA is part of SCU Student Association (CoastRs), and is also part of Gold Coast Chinese Students and Scholars Association (GCCSSA) in cooperation with Bond University and Griffith University.

The clubs mission is service, to improve and work together to best accommodate the diverse needs of the Chinese community at SCU.

This club is currently not active at the SCU Gold Coast campus, however for additional information about SCU Chinese Student and Scholar Association (SCUCSSA) visit the Facebook page.